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About Souple

In French, Souple means “flexible” and that they are without compromise to the support and stability needed by professional tango dancers. They are made with high quality leather and come in a variety of models. Each pair is made and thoroughly inspected for quality by the some of the best shoe craftsmen in Buenos Aires.

YULI-B is the exclusive authorized distributor of Souple line of tango shoes in North America.

Festival Mundial de Tango 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alejandra Gutty y Pablo Veron, en "Millennium Tango Concert". Alejandra wearing Souple shoes, model: Rombo Color: Gold.

Festival Mundial de Tango 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Alejandra Gutty y Pablo Veron, en "Millennium Tango Concert". Alejandra in Souple shoes, model: Rombo, Color: Gold.

They are soft and flexible like a ballroom shoe but have the character and support of a tango shoe. They can be used not only in tango but also in salsa, ballroom and other partner dances. And for the classically trained, yes, you can point your feet in them. Within days upon trying them on, they mold to your feet like gloves.
One of the special features of the shoe is the placement of the heel. The particular positioning and engineering of the heel gives the dancer more stability, support and balance. They’re perfect for all occasions: whether it’s for many hours of practice, teaching, social dancing, or for exhibition. It’s no wonder they’re the brand of choice among many famous professional tango dancers, such as Geraldine Rojas, Ariadna Naveira, Ines Muzzopappa, Virginia Pandolfi, and Carolina Bonaventura to name a few.

SOUPLE - Geraldin Rojas's favorite Tango Shoe Brand


Luxury, elegance and comfort without compromise. 

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